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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

TTP Notes

Feb 1, 2020

Greetings, Ed.

I hope this email finds you well. I review my TTP notes and I like what I’m reading. I hope that sharing them with the Tribe will help some out—

I ask clearly for what I want.

I’d like to know how you feel about…

Tell me how you feel about …

Tell me more about how you feel.

I wonder what you would like to do?

I acknowledge and thank every time someone shares feelings & wishes with me.

I get information gently, without asking questions.

I don’t ask “Why?” questions—they teach people to make excuses.

I stop stopping.

I quickly set priorities & go instead of stopping with analysis paralysis.

I stop talking to my feet.

I get clear agreements & I check for willingness.

I establish rapport & intimacy.

I don’t ask questions—I say I’d like to know how you feel about…

I share my feelings.

When I stop worrying and stop stopping, then I move forward and make progress toward my goals.

In Tribe we set goals and work towards them.

If we get stopped then we use the Rocks Process to overcome them.

I bring willingness.

Rapport or War.

I feel all my feelings and learn their positive intentions.

I know what I want and I ask clearly for it.

Problems are a difference between what we have and what we want to have — Tribe helps remove the difference and then what we have equals what we want.

I go faster by going slower.

Intentions = Results so I look at my Results to understand my Intentions.

All the best…

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