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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

TTP - Embracing Uncertainty

Jan 5, 2020

TTP Workshop Report:
Embracing Uncertainty

Hi Ed,

3 week after TTP workshop, I start to reach out to my support team on emails for my Goals “I Follow My Trading System 31/3/2020” and send them my trade order done. 2 stock cut loss trade and 1 stock buy follow my trading system. I also sent an excel sheet with written rules I need to follow, checking them with a “Yes” to show my support team that I am following my system now and this will be updated weekly. I feel good selling the stocks even with a loss because I am focusing on my goal.

After the class I am more aware of the “should” or “should have” I have in my daily conversation, I notice I have lesser “should” and I also share this with my wife so now I get additional support to stop myself for saying “should”

It is the beginning of 2020, there is a lot of market outlook seminars from different "expert". This year my outlook for the market is much clearer, which is ... the market is going to be uncertain and all the news, judgement, other people's opinions is irrelevant to my trading.

Now I love the market to be uncertain.

Best regards

Thank you for sending me your report.

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