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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

TTP - Embarrassment

Jan 5, 2020

TTP Workshop Report


I make mistakes. I feel the embarrassment. I'm starting to like the feeling. The positive intent of embarrassment is feedback that I have a gap between the way that I want to be and the way that I am (I'm slick and can speak Spanish easily - I'm clumsy and fall over the few words that I know). I don't see a way to start speaking without feeling the embarrassment - I re-frame the feeling to let me know that I'm making progress and trying.

I notice that I don't have the overly talky explanations and apologies for not speaking Spanish. I just feel the embarrassment and move on.

In other aspects of my life I start to notice the rub of embarrassment letting me know that I'm not quite fitting with the consensus. I work on liking or expanding it. It seems that parroting the consensus is a great way to be a sheep and never move forward in any meaningful way. Some embarrassment might be a good indicator that I'm taking some risks. I take action faster and move on.

Thank you,

Thank you for checking in.

In TTP, I hold embarrassment as a feeling associating with a delta between (1) my condition and (2) the condition that others around me expect me to have.

In the TTP Feelings Feedback Model, I can deal with embarrassment (and other feelings) in various ways:

1. Medicate the feeling or simply ignore it. This may result in maintaining, even increasing the delta - and an elevation of the embarrassment.

2. Change my condition to conform with other's expectations.

3. Help others to reset their expectation of my condition.

4. Move to a different location where other's expectation more closely match my condition.

5. Do nothing and continue to use the feeling of embarrassment to justify my inaction in other areas.

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