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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

(Icon) Notion VTec - Forget About The Virus, It Is Time To Rock and Roll

uthor: Icon8888 | Publish date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020, 2:16 PM

1. Bursa Dummy

How many of you know who is Bursa Dummy ? Put up your hand.

I see ... not many. Not surprised, as most of you are new here. Bursa Dummy used to blog about stocks and his articles were very well received in i3 from 2011 to 2018. (He stopped writing since 2018 due to other commitments).

Bursa Dummy has very good investing track record. I have high regard for him. If he asks me to sit, I will sit. If he asks me to run, I will run.

After a two years hiatus, Bursa Dummy recently returned to the market. One of the stocks he wrote about is Notion.

When he wrote about it on 2 February 2020, the price was approximately RM1.24. However, due to Covid-19, Notion is now trading at RM0.77.

2. Thoo Chow Fah

According to Bursa Dummy, Notion's Executive Chairman Thoo Chow Fah is a participant in i3 (please refer to Bursa Dummy's article). Sometime he will give out useful information through his commentaries.

It is difficult to know whether it is indeed Thoo Chow Fah, but 888next's comments and information are very credible. I paid attention to what he said.

(Mr. Thoo)

According to Thoo, there will be a presentation in Penang on 14 March 2020 (to institutional investors ?).

For your information, 14 March is this coming Saturday. On top of that, the Company's EGM for the proposed Bonus Issue (one for two) as well as its AGM will be held on 17 March (Tuesday). So we can expect share price to get a bit excited in the coming one week.

3. Fundamentals ?

Notion has not performed well in the past. However, in 2018, their factory was burned down. They got huge payment from Insurance Company. With the money, they have set up new plants and machinery. In a certain way, this has given them certain edge over other industry players, allowing them to secure contracts from some MNCs.

Please refer to the following article for more info.

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