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Saturday, July 27, 2019

My Trading Books

by Andrea Unger

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Hi guys, sitting here with some books about automated trading and trading in general.

I’m asked, I’m often asked: ” What books do I recommend?”

Well, there are plenty of, these are some I read, there are many others, but I will show you some of the authors I think are worth being read and some books which in my opinion have a great content especially for automated traders but also for trading in general.

Let’s see!

So guys, of course, “Long-term secret to short-term trading”, this is by Larry Williams, one of the best books I ever read about trading.

I believe there is a lot of stuff in this book, it doesn’t give you obviously any secret formula, but it gives you the idea on how to think in the market.

So this book has incredible value in my opinion!

Obviously, there are many books by Larry Williams.

I want to mention this book because this is the specific one which I believe is great.

Well, how could I forget about my friend Kevin Davey?

He has written these two books available online.

One is a hard paper book pack and then one is a Kindle edition.

Both give you an idea of his approach to algo trading and an overall outlook to algo trading in general.

Great books great value from somebody who is a proven winner in the markets.

Perry Kaufmann, is a great man, really a great person and he wrote a lot of books.

But I would mention specifically these “Trading systems and methods” or “New Trading systems and methods” because these books are sort of an encyclopedia of trading so if you want to read something that covers most everything, these are the books to go and Perry also is a man who has been studying the markets for ages.

I don’t mean he’s old. Perry forgive me, but it’s a great thing really so these books and also the others he wrote are great products.

Then I often mention Thomas Stridsman, I don’t know what’s the right pronunciation. This Swedish guy I personally met in Italy, is another guy who has a great knowledge about the trading system and his two books here are very good to understand how trading systems work, what’s good, what’s bad, what to consider and this with money management also gives you the idea of a global approach to automated trading considering also position sizing which is extremely important.

Last but not least Howard B. Bandy is also a great author he is specialized with an “Ami Broker” mostly but his staff is of incredible value for anybody because he also tells you what the truth looks like and this is a real value of his books.

He has many many books and I suggest to you, you really should read all of them.

You see I am on the page of the author and not on the page of a specific book because I believe all his material is of great value and contains a lot of pearls of wisdom.

So really, Howard B. Bandy is an author who Goes in-depth into the development of trading systems, keeping the concept simple, but focusing on what matters and on what works.

These are some of the books, I mean, I don’t think I covered everything that should be read, of course not, I just wanted to let you know what I recommend and what particularly impressed me during my trading career when I read a technical book about trading.

That’s it, guys.

I hope you will get some value out of this.


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