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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

TTP passing aha

Thank you for sharing your process and for raising the issue of <passing aha>.

You might like to consider the process of discounting in the sense of "taking some new information into account." in German, we have it in one word, mitberücksichtigen.

For example, your grocer might discount a loaf of bread after a week on the shelf and offer it at a lower price. Traders might discount a drought and bid the price of grain higher.

The aha occurs in the moment of awareness and characterizes the feeling of discount.
If someone points out to you that you have your fly open, the information comes as a sudden flash of insight (and perhaps embarrassment) and you discount the information by raising your zipper. Aha !

Once you discount the information, the excitement disappears and the aha passes. The process has similarities to learning something new.

Some discounts, like in the zipper story, occur quickly; others, such in grain story grain may take longer, and occur as a series of rolling ahas.

Ahas sometimes occur in phases: awareness; denial; anger; fear; bargaining; acceptance; boredom.

TTP has some new information about how to organize the process of personal growth. As such, TTP has its own AHA cycle. I expect it, eventually, to pass.

In this moment of now, I continue to enjoy experiencing the Aha.

Grain Markets, Zippers and Bread
all have something in common

Aha !

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