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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

TTP - Buy and Hold

Jan 8, 2019

Hi Mr. Seykota,

İ know that trading is mostly about behaviours, thoughts and feelings..ofcourse it has math in it..but when i research about trading against investment or long term Holding strategy i am getting confused between These two strategy..there are so many examples about these issues..but we know that World’s best investor is using buy and hold strategy..i dont want to use his name.But i quess,everybody know him..what is the truth about this? May be in public we cant reach the true arguments about These theories..i know that you are a technical analist,trend follower and much more may be..but what is your opinion about buy and hold strategy ? İf it is useless,how can world’s richest peop making his all money with investing or buy and hold strategy?

And Thanks for your reply to my first mail..which is about Robin Hood.i wish you tell me your thoughts about investing,buy and hold strategy..

İ wish happy moments to you and all people..

Ed Says 
Thank you for raising this issue.

Buy-and-Hold strategies work well for instruments that keep trending.

Otherwise, they don't work so well; you might ask some of your Bitcoin investor friends for their opinions on buy-and-hold.

Successful investors have a method for detecting trends and a method for staying with the trends until they end.

Technical traders use price patterns to detect trends; fundamental traders use economic indicators to detect trends.

Note: all profit comes from price change - and price change implies a trend.

You might consider taking your feelings of [confusion] to Tribe as an entry point.

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