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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Discover 3 Simple Strategies For Creating More Peace, Balance, And Fulfillment In Your Life

By T. Harv Eker

We need tune-ups just like our cars. We have all these complex parts and fluids that need realignment, refills, adjustments and tweaks. We have no choice but to be reminded every now and then when we’re not taking proper care of ourselves. Some kind of physical kink in our bodies will let us know.

But what happens when our physical bodies show no sign of damage, yet we still aren’t quite settled into a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and pure happiness?

The remedy isn’t necessarily success, or money, or love that comes from outside of yourself. Just like anything or anyone in our lives, these aspects are not always going to bring us well-being. In fact, they may want to make us rip our hair out at times! And that’s okay. We have to experience upsets in order to appreciate the gifts we’ve been granted or have earned.

But what happens when the sh*t really hits the fan in one or all areas of our lives? Is there something we can turn to that will give us a sense of peace and balance again?

That something is Spirit. Connection to Spirit doesn’t require a belief in “God” as advertised. Some of the happiest, nicest, most peaceful people I know would label themselves “spiritual not religious.” You certainly don’t have to believe in any kind of God to understand the value of compassion, forgiveness, and non-judgment.

I believe the true source of Spirit was meant to be liberating, to affirm us as we are unconditionally. To have that sense of stability in the occasional storms of life is to truly connect with that power we call God.

Now you may be asking, “Harv, how exactly do you do this?”

For starters, I highly suggest you try 1 or all 3 ways I know of that have personally worked for me to reconnect with Spirit.

These 3 strategies will help you reclaim that sense of peace and balance when everything seems to be going haywire around you.

Here they are…

1) I believe a form of prayer or meditation works wonders. Scientifically, this practice can serve as a focusing tool for the brain, linking neurons together to help you solve problems. Quite often, the greatest source of inspiration and creativity comes when we dedicate time to do nothing, simply sit still, and allow ourselves to just be.

2) Also, get outdoors and enjoy nature. Native Americans, Buddhists, and many cultures around the world include nature as an integral part of their belief system. There’s something about a hike, a swim in a lake or ocean, or even taking a walk through a park that provides a sense of peace and beauty that is unparalleled—and fairly available.

3) Getting involved with your community is a great way to connect with the spirits of others, or any group activity that provides a sense of communal interests with others. Sometimes the best way to escape a “problem” is to focus on the problems of others, or how we can serve people who can use and appreciate our gifts.

Having some kind of focus on spirituality intensifies its benefits, from peace of mind through life’s challenges, to improved relationships with those most important to you, to getting those “lucky” breaks that change the course of life because we’re open to receiving them. Just like the people who enrich our lives, none of us were meant to rely solely on our own power to achieve not only goals, but also fulfillment.

In the world of Spirit, it’s all good.

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