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Thursday, August 25, 2016

T. Harv Eker - Why You Can Be Spiritual, Kind, Generous, Loving AND Really, Really Rich

Why You Can Be Spiritual, Kind, Generous, Loving AND Really, Really Rich

Can success bring spiritual fulfillment?

Let’s start with the first element of enlightenment: it’s all the same damn thing! There is no duality. Everything is one. It’s all one thing with different looks and different energies. If it’s all oneness and everything is part of that oneness, then material success, i.e. getting rich, must be part of that oneness, unless we make success mean something else, something different rather than an expression of the oneness of all.

Separation is an illusion, so we cannot separate spirituality, or kindness, or generosity, from material success, or money, or relationships, or anything until we decide to separate them. As they are, they are one thing.

Does success lead to a form of happiness? Yes, but not pure happiness. When you’re not successful, it certainly leads to ill feelings, true or true? When you’re not successful, how do you feel about living your mission and your purpose on a daily basis? It’s very hard, isn’t it?

To me true happiness comes from a connection to your higher self, a connection to knowing that it will manifest itself regardless of success or failure, comfort or discomfort. When we get into the practice of connecting with this higher sense on a more and more consistent basis, we can only set ourselves up for success to come from that inner happiness and peace, and not expecting it the other way around–that is, waiting for success in order to be happy.

The most perfect situation in your life would be to live your purpose and get rich, and then use that money to help other people even more. What more could one ask for?

If you could spend 8 or 10 hours a day in your business, and that business–what you do for people, how you help solve their problem, is your true mission and purpose in life–what a blessing. When you don’t have to separate your mission from what you do every day, you’ve hit the golden grail.

Happiness leads to success. Success leads to money to be able to help others as well as yourself. If you’re successful for those reasons, and if you can put your focus on those reasons, what a beautiful life, yes or yes?

I think it’s my highest gift to be able to show people, motivate people, cajole people, persuade people, virtually drag people if I have to, into the understanding “I can be kind, generous, loving and spiritual and really, really rich!”

When you can believe this, your life will change. You are already a heart-based person. You want to be kind. You want to be loving. You want to be generous, and you want to be rich.

Be a good person in your business. Be a kind person in your business. Be a generous person in your business, and be intent on being loving in your business: to your clients, your customers, your employees, and the people that you work with.

Then do the things we teach you to do in terms of the strategies in the programs we offer in order to get rich. If you set up your business the way we teach you to set it up, you will be rich. I can say that with confidence because I’ve done it myself and have taught other people to do it successfully as well.

Rich is a result. It’s a result of being a good person. Do you think you could be a jerk and be rich? You can, but not for long, and that’s not really rich anyway, is it? You don’t have a rich life when you’ve got a dark heart.

Be nice. Be spiritual. Intend to continue growing your mind and your heart. And for goodness sake, be rich!

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