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Saturday, December 26, 2015

How can investors make money in 2016? Koon Yew Yin

Many people have asked me this question. In the last 2 festive days, many people told me how I have changed their lives through my charity work and my writing on Malaysian politics and share investment.

One commentator of my recent article said that 99% of the readers like my writing and only 1% do not like. As a writer, I expect some critics and I expect them to do it in a polite manner and not like illiterates or idiots.

Here are some of holdings which still comply with my share selection golden rule even after their prices have gone up quite rapidly. My golden rule is that I must be sure that the company can make more profit this year than last year and the projected P/E ratio is not more than 10.

I advise you to check all the shares you are holding to see that they can comply with my golden rule. Otherwise, you must cut loss and utilize the proceeds to buy better shares.

Can One: It is the largest tin cans and jerry cans manufacturer. It started more than 40 years ago and continues to improve its operation. It bought 146.1 million or 32.9% of Kian Joo shares at Rm 1.65 per share in 2012. The current price of Kian Joo is about Rm 3.30 per share. EPF is one of the 2 parties who have made an offer to buy up Kian Joo. Can One is waiting patiently.

Its 3 quarter EPS ending Sept 2015 was 39 sen and I can safely project its full year EPS to be about 55 because some of its products are sold in US$. Its last closing price was Rm 4.50. It will announce its full year result before end of February 2016.

Chin Well: It is among the largest manufacturers of screws, nuts and bolts in the world. 76% of its products are exported in foreign currencies. After it has acquired the 40% shares from its Vietnamese partners, its latest quarter EPS jumped to 6.07 sen from 4.41 sen. Its last closing price was Rm 1.92 per share.

Thong Guan: It is one of the largest plastic stretch film and bags, raffia stings, drinking straws and paper serviette manufacturers in the Asians region. It started business in 1942.

Its 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter EPS are 4.4, 6.75 and 10.7 sen respectively. It about 2 months it will have to announce its 4th quarter result. In view of the depressed fossil fuel price, its raw plastic materiel is getting cheaper. What will be its share price when its annual result is announced before end of Feb 2016?

I am also holding VS, Latitude, Lii Hen, Focus Lumber and Ge Shen because they still comply with my golden rule although their share prices have gone up quite rapidly.

I am not asking you to buy any of the shares I mentioned above. But if you buy, you are doing it at your own risk.

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