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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Investor: "My high-yield stock picks are ..."

AIMS AMPREIT11.68c1.507.8%High Yield
CacheREIT8.58c1.157.5%High Yield
Business Trust7.56c0.9957.6%Healthcare
CroesusBusiness Trust7.6c0.938.2%
Japanese Retail
Regal ReitREIThk Hotels, P/B 50%, Hkd

Electronics3.5c0.4657.5%Strong B/S, Hkd
Global Invest
Asset Mgt1.5 c0.14910%P/B 70%
Hock Lian SengConstruction4.0c0.439.3%Strong B/S, Deep Value
* Price as at 10July15

Philips LED7.14For Philips, Valuetronics manufactures LED light bulbs and PCBA for their shavers, toothbrushes and hair trimmers.I RECENTLY COMPILED a list of high yield stocks and shared it with some close friends. The stocks in this list, in my view, would provide a solid stream of dividend income for years to come.

Financial position for target non-Reit stocks, such asValuetronics, Hock Lian Seng and Global Investment,are strong.

Hock Lian Seng, a cyclical stock and with sgd173 million cash backing, is too cheap to ignore at this price.

On the REIT/Business Trust picks, Cache and AIMS AMP are niche Industrial Reits which are well managed.

Religare Health Trust should continue to perform well in its healthcare business in India. Based on current INR forex rate, the yield for Religare should be about 8%.

Regal Reit, listed in HKSE and owns a string of mid tier hotels in Hong Kong, is a deep value pick (P/B < 50%) and supported by solid recurrent yield.

In times of volatility and market weakness, I believe investors should raise their exposure to quality high yield stocks. Such a contrarian strategy should help to cushion the impact of falling equity prices and to provide solid income stream.

I have added Soilbuild Business Space Reit to my list. With estimated dividend of 7.5% and material exposure to the Business Park sector, I believe this Reit will stay resilient during market uncertainty.

USD (hence HKD) is appreciating against SGD and this trend may continue into 2016. This should benefit Valuetronics and Global Investments (50% exposure to USD, HKD).

Am vested in my High Yield Stock list.  
Please note to do your own research before committing.

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