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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Melaka Trading Tribe

Hi, I am committed to start a Trading Tribe in Melaka, Malayisa.

The Trading Tribe is originated by legendary trader Ed Seykota.

The intention of The Trading Tribe process is to allow the trader to explore their feelings about trading.

Experience from tribe members show that as they explore their feelings about trading, they find these feelings go deeply into other areas of their lives. Thus, as they work to improve their trading, they also work to improve other areas of their lives as well.

Please refer to TTP website for more informations.

For The Trading Tribe Process - click this Link.
Read the Breathwork Application - Link


Melaka Trading Tribe Information Document

Melaka, Malaysia
Tribe Leader
Gee BK
Meeting Since
Tribe Meeting Starts Jan 2015
Workshop Attendance
No members yet. Open for people who are willing to experience their feelings.
Gee BK <>
At this moment me only. 
Meeting Schedule
Every First and Third week of the month. 10 Meetings.
We practice traditional TTP and Snapshot.
The Melaka Tribe provides a place for members to:
Experience own emotion with TTP
Learn and practice TTP to support others to do the same
Apply TTP in their own lives
Achieve right-livelihood
Grow personally and professionally

The Trading Tribe, Trading Tribe Logo,
and The Trading Tribe Process (TTP)
belong to Ed Seykota.

FAQ does not recommend TTP for people with pre-existing medical conditions, particularly ones in which stress, strain and emotional intensity may aggravate the situation.
If you are currently in therapy, be sure to consult with your therapist to make sure TTP is compatible with your therapeutic path.

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