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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wants to Generate Electricity

Feb 12, 2018

Dear Ed

I hope this email finds you well.

As you have a good knowledge of physics it seems you would be the right person to ask about the venturi part of my horizontal axis wind turbine design idea.

The key points to the design are as follows

1. To get electricity from wind without having an ugly turbine visible on my land.
2. Use of a venturi / tunnel to increase wind speed
3. Protect the turbine from self destruction with an automatic mechanism.
4. Use a shroud to hide the convex part of the turbine thus making it run faster

There is very little information available on venturis to increase wind speed so I was considering using a shape similar to the attached photo until I read a lot of bad press about how badly it worked.

According to Richard Feynman there are many things in physics which don't work the same when scaled up and down as the ratios are dynamic rather than constant. I remember him saying a plane can be made as big as you want it as the wings can carry a huge engine, but if you try to make a tiny plane then the wings wont be able to lift it due to the weight of the engine.

I have attached a photo of an underwater funnel to increase flow to a turbine as well and wonder if scaled dimensions would also be effective with wind?

This video shows a working model of my design including sketches of side and plan views.

Any input you can give regarding a good physical shape for the lead in and "exit building" to the turbine would be very useful.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thank you for sharing your design.

Your design relies upon a funnel to somehow speed up the airflow to make it more potent in operating your turbine.

Air Flows

from blower (out of frame, right)
through long funnel (center)
and onto turbine (left).

clip from contributor video

You might test your speed-up hypothesis by holding a 6" piece of coat-hangar wire loosely between your fingers and dangling it in (1) the exhaust from the air blower and (2) the exhaust from the funnel.

According to your hypothesis, you get more velocity at point #2 than at point #1. If you don't find experimental confirmation, you might consider re-thinking your hypothesis.

If you think you actually do detect an increase in velocity by running the flow through a funnel, you might consider upping the ante; you can further direct the flow from your funnel onward and through a small kitchen funnel.

Careful you don't get the air going so fast it blows your turbine over the fence and into the next county.

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