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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Exceeds Wildest Expectations

Feb 26, 2018

Dear Ed,

Its been a few years, but I wanted to drop you a update email. The time we spent together has been enormously positive for my life.

Business success has exceeded my wildest expectations. I not only have enough money to do anything I want I have nearly unlimited free time. My trading business has gone from a start up to a established business with a competent management team.

My personal life is also at all time highs. My relationship with my wife has steadily improved toward amazing. Thanks to this my kids are expanding and prospering which brings me great joy.

My personal life has expanded as well and just like you said, I now have more friends then I can handle and have to make hard choices who to spend time with.

I wrote to thank you for the crucially important deep mind work that you helped me do which set my path toward where I am today.

Thank you for sharing your process, for reporting your results and for acknowledging me and TTP.

Congratulations for sticking with the system, riding out the ups and downs and coming out a winner.

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