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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

10 Secluded Forest Resorts In Malaysia For A Relaxing Getaway


Malaysia boasts one of the most luscious tropical rainforests around Asia, if not the world. If you’re looking to recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, the best way to do it is to unwind in the presence of Malaysia’s natural greenery. What’s even more exciting is that you can do it in comfortably in one of these beautiful jungle resorts in the country.

1. Dusuntara Jungle Retreat

Less than an hour away from Kuala Lumpur lies D’Dusuntara – a resort nestled in the lush jungles of Batang Kali. Just several minutes away from Genting Highlands, D’Dusuntara was developed as a home away from home for urbanites. Gather your closest friends and chill out in the salt water pool or Jacuzzi, or just sit back and listen to the sounds of nature.

Website | Trip AdvisorPhoto: The Dusun

2. The Dusun

Located in the Berumbun Forest Reserve of Negeri Sembilan, The Dusun was developed in 1984 but turned into nature resort until 2009. Sitting 800 feet above sea level, The Dusun is rich in birds and plant life of all kinds. Apart from cozying up to the view of the Malaysia’s rainforest and hills, you can also go jungle-trekking to the waterfall, get a massage, or explore the bird life nearby.

3. AwanMulan

AwanMulan is a cozy family run retreat located in Negeri Sembilan. Above the hills, and amidst the clouds, it’s not only a romantic getaway, but a perfect stop for family or friends.

4. Sepilok Jungle Resort

If adventure and exploration is what you’re after, the Sepilok Jungle Resort offers accommodation in the tropical virgin Borneo Rainforest in Sandakan, Sabah. Perfect for budget travelers, you can find comfortable accommodation from RM28 per person with breakfast.

5. Belum Eco Resort

The Belum Eco Resort is one of the many islands in Tasik Belum, Perak. Located near the world famous Royal Belum National Park, the Belum Eco Resort is the very few island rainforest resorts with zero traffic, air and noise pollution.

6. Rainforest Resort

The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara is the perfect getawayy from the city where nature and tranquility gathers in one of Peninsular Malaysia’s most lush tropical greenery. Plan excursions and adventure tours to the various spots, or even try the popular canopy walk that is suspended 40 meters above the ground.

7. Mutiara Resort Taman Negara

Overlooking the Tembeling and Tahan rivers, the Mutiara Resort in Taman Negara is a slice of heaven embraced by lush greenery and meandering valleys. Loaded with tropical heritage, flora and fauna, it’s the perfect getaway with a variety of outdoor activities for you to choose from.

8. The Shorea

Need a family retreat? Book a villa of your own at The Shorea, an architectural wonder built within the tropical forest reserves of Berembun. Set on natural terrains, there are meandering paths leading down to a jungle stream, and even a waterfall. The resort is also constructed using recycled timber, so you know it’s a real eco-treat.

9. Sekeping Serendah

Situated in five acres of tropical rainforests, Sekeping Serendah will mesmerize you with its minimalist, modern architecture hidden the lush tropics of Serendah. Also known as “The Glasshouse”, Sekeping Serendah celebrates the beauty of the natural environment.

10. Tiger Rock

Want the best of both worlds? The beach and the jungle is right at your doorstep at the Tiger Rock – a private retreat in Pangkor Island that gives you a chance to rejuvenate your soul. Branded as an artists’ private retreat, the decor and architecture of Tiger Rock is both inspiring and calming for the soul.

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