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Monday, January 23, 2017

KARYON(0054) - Fong Siling(Cold Eye) also will buy it.

Author: wecan2088 | Publish date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017, 01:24 AM

KARYON is one of the largest polymeric and oleochemical products in Malaysia. As reported by The Busy

Weekly dated 10 Dec 2016, KARYON (0054) is expected to directly benefit from the bull run of

According to the Executive Director of the company,Chua Ling Lee, a lot of China PVC manufacturing factory are

forced to shutdown or massively decrease their production due to their inability to compliance with the

environment protection policies outlined by the government. This has caused shrinkrage of the market supply for

PVC products resulting price to ballooned tremendously.

KARYON first 6 months profit margin for FY2017 has increased to 17.3% as compared to last year which is just

14.5%. Although USD appreciation has affected the cost of its raw materials purchase but the negative impact is

to be off-set by sharp increase of PVC price.

The Board of Director has also announced that their new factory has started to operate in JUN 2016and the new

production line is expected to provide a boost to its FY2017 performance. Its first 6 months revenue for FY 2017

has increased by 5.9% to RM66.1 mil.

KARYON is a company which never reported loss and always register profit in every quarter since its listing in

2004 (even during the time of financial crisis) although their profit margin was fluctuate over the years. This is all

because of the good management by the company.

The company is at nett cash position with NTA=18sen. But the current share price doesn't reflect its good

performance. It is said to be DEEPLY UNDERVALUE!

KARYON(0054) meet the criteria set by Mr Fong Siling(Cold Eye) for stock investment. Karyon keep making profit even during financial crisis showing a strong management. Both profit and shareholder funds keep growing every years. It is really hard to find such stock in market now. For KARYON hit 30sen this week really possible.

KARYON(0054) break 19.5sen strong resistance and hold at 20sen for last 2 days showing syndicates actively accumulate the shares. It is very likely hit 23-25sen this week. Strong Buy !!

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