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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Integrax seen doubling throughput in three years


KUALA LUMPUR: Integrax Bhd is expecting the total cargo capacity throughput at its Lekir Bulk Terminal (LBT) and the Lumut Maritime Terminal (LMT) to increase to 20 million tonnes in three years from 10.86 million tonnes now.
“We hope to double it at LBT from 7.6 million tonnes to 15 million tonnes by 2017. And in total (including LMT) we could be doing as much at 20 million tonnes eventually,” executive director Azman Shah Mohd Yusof said after the company’s AGM yesterday.
Integrax deputy chairman Amin Halim Rasip said the forecast was based on the growth prospects of Perak as it sought to expand its coverage to handle other raw materials such as biomass and fertilisers.
It presently derives its LBT revenue from the handling of coal for Tenaga Nasional Bhd.
“You must understand our positioning, as we don’t really compete with Penang Port or Port Klang as we are a dry liquid bulk terminal port with a niche client base of less than 12 companies. This is our capacity forecast on what we can handle. We are targeting new higher value and higher margin cargo.”
He said the company had also just built a new tank farm that caters to storing acids and solvents.
“This is a new market for us and there is huge potential here. This is like a short or long term lease to place these liquid cargos. We have already secured a 15-year client for this farm,” he said.
He also noted that Integrax had received “strong commitments” for a broader product range in about two years.
The company is targeting to eventually be a shipment point for the biomass industry to the Far East export markets such as Japan, South Korea, China and also Europe.
“We are in negotiations and have done studies on the supply value chain hoping to find ways to come together for economies of scale to eventually get big ships to berth at the LBT to be loaded with biomass pallettes for export. The industry is very fragmented now,” Azman said.

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